18. Personal data

18.1. Collecting personal data

18.1.1. For the needs of the realization of the services and as part as the delivery of the products presented on the website, CS PRODUCTION shall possibly collect the following personal data: names, first names, dates of birth, email addresses, phone numbers, bank details and physical address of the Customer.

18.1.2. When connecting to the Website, the Customer saves his data regarding his connection, his usage, his localization and the payment.

18.1.3. Cookies are used as part as the use of the website. The Customer can deactivate the cookies in the settings of his browser. He is informed that disabling cookies may cause the website to malfunction and prevent him from placing an order.

18.2. Processing personal data

18.2.1. Customer’s personal data collected are used for operations regarding customer relationship management, prospection according the preferences chosen by the user, creation of commercial statistics, management of the rights of the data subjects, management of debts and disputes, access and use of the website by the user; management of the operation and the optimization of the website; organization of the payment Services terms of use; verification, identification and authentication of the data the user gave ; creation of an assistance for users; personalization of the services by posting advertising according to the browsing history of the user, according to his preferences; frauds and malwares prevention and detection and management of security incidents.

18.3. Sharing personal data

18.3.1. Personal data may be shared with a third party company, in the following cases:

- when the Customer uses the payment services, for the execution of these services, the website is linked to banking and financial third-party companies with CS PRUDUCTION established contracts;

- when the user authorizes a third party’s website to access to his data;

- when the Platform works with service providers to provide users’ help, advertising and the other payment services. These service providers have a limited access to the Customer’s data as part as the execution of these services, and have a contractual obligation to use them in compliance with the applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data;

- if required by law, CS PRODUCTION can transfer data in order to follow up the claim against the website and to be in conformity with administrative and legal procedures;

- if CS PRODUCTION is involved in a merger, acquisition, asset sales, or receivership operation, it shall sale or share all or part of its assets, included personal data. In this case, Customers would be informed before the personal data were transferred to a third party.

18.4. Security and privacy

18.4.1. CS PRODUCTION implements organizational, technical, software and physical digital security measures to protect personal data against alteration, destruction and non-authorized access.

18.5. Customers rights implementation

18.5.1. According to the applicable regulation regarding personal data, Customers possess the following rights:

- they can update or delete their data by connecting to their account and configuring the settings of this account;

- they can delete their account by writing to the email address customerservice@clairesmati.com;

- they can exercise their right of access to know personal data about the subject by writing to the email address customerservice@clairesmati.com. In this case, before the implementation of this right, CS PRODUCTION can request an evidence to support the identity of the Customer;

- if personal data hold by CS PRODUCTION are inaccurate, they can request the update of the information, by writing to the email address customerservice@clairesmati.com;

- Customers can request the erasure of their personal data in compliance with the applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data, by writing to the email address customerservice@clairesmati.com. 

18.6. Evolution of this clause

18.6.1. CS PRODUCTION reserves the right to modify the protection of personal data clause at any time. If a modification of the protection of personal data clause is done, CS PRODUCTION commits to publish the new version on its website. CS PRODUCTION shall inform its Customers about the modification by email at least fifteen (15) days before the time of effectiveness. If the Customer disagrees with the terms of the new protection of personal data clause, he can delete his account.