Claire Smati

All of our pieces are made in a small human-size workshop, based in the south of France. Our clothes are hand-crafted with a lot of love and savoir-faire, in very limited quantities.

First of all, our pattern makers make prototypes of each piece, according to Claire Smati’s sketches. Then, Claire Smati goes to the workshop for the collection fittings. After that, the pattern makers work again on the prototypes until everything is perfect: cut, volume, fabrics, finish…, and make a second and sometimes a third prototype if necessary.

Once the prototype is approved, our seamstresses make one unit of each piece, called “industrial series model”. Claire Smati tries it on and check it from every angle so we can be sure everything is perfect. Once the industrial series models are approved, our seamstresses make a few more items in different sizes, that will be next available on our website, directly form the workshop to you.