Claire Smati

“Consume less to consume better.”, here is Claire Smati’s vision of fashion. In a society where everything goes so fast, where the rhythms of the collections are unrestrained and the production outsourced, it is time to press “pause”. Convinced that a reasoned consumption is way better than a massive consumption, Claire Smati worked hard to create a sustainable luxury brand with high quality pieces that will last. Claire Smati propose two large collection a year, by choosing quality over quantity, elegance over trend.


Ethical fabrics and French production
All our fabrics, including linings, are sourced with the greatest care according to strict quality criteria. The fabrics, as well as the original fibers, come from sustainable French, Italian and English providers.
Moreover, all of our pieces are fully conceived, developed and made in France, with the aim of supporting the local economy and creating French employment. This is also the guarantee that all our clothes are made with respect for human rights and French social rights.

A precise savoir-faire and a controlled quality
We benefit from the peerless savoir-faire of our seamstresses, stylists and pattern makers who have been trained in the biggest luxury houses to work with the most delicate fabrics. Each piece is subject to a very strict quality control before it leaves the workshop, so we can guarantee you an irreproachable quality that will last.

Fair prices and a fully transparency
We have our heart set on proposing a different, luxurious and modern fashion at a fair price. This is why we chose a direct distribution, from the workshop to you. You will never find excessive promotions on our website, simply because we take low margins. Our clothes really worth the price we sell them.
Moreover, all the information regarding the fabrics, their origins and the production of the pieces is directly available on each product information sheet. And If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to talk to you!